090108 Fun Day Out

woke up 11am in the morning,
and went to hougang mall to meet up with Enoch, SiHui, ShuQi, ShuTing and KaiLin, before proceeding to ShuQi’s house.

watched Step Up 2 first, and that was when KaiQi joined us.

after watching the first 40 mins or so, i decided to play games with KaiQi – yes, i was bored by the show. and soo after, HanEn and HanXin joined us too. wow, what a big group. haha..

anyway, after the film finished, ShuQi suggested we should play the PS2, and so we did.
but, too bad i forgot about the memory card, or else Sims would have been super fun. haha..

after that, we all – except ShuTing and HanXin, played the Game of Life. whoa, didn’t know Enoch’s so serious about his ‘life’. haha.. and SiHui ended up the winner.

before we all leave, i watched the first few minutes of the drama ‘Spring Waltz’, and the show seems interesting. most importantly, the set was filmed in Vienna/Prague! the 2 places i’ve been to before! wow, those places are really beautiful.

so after all was done, we went to eat dinner at the hougang plaza. chatted about all sorts of nonsense before going home.

when i was on the bus, i fell asleep but thank goodness a kind lady woke me up when the bus reached the interchange. must have been too tired..


2 thoughts on “090108 Fun Day Out

  1. LOL,hougang mall? i was there at the evening! hahaha.

    Oh spring waltz is quite nice! Thought u got watch before? but sian,been a year already and i still haven watch the ending,hai..

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