081228 – 081230 Church’s Youth Chalet ★ Coasta Sand Resort

it started on sunday afternoon,
but because i have my choir farewell session, i didn’t make it there on the first day.

met the people at Tampines Sports Hall where they played badminton at 3pm. and after that, i went home to bath before proceeding to the chalet, where we would be having a BBQ.

reached there at abt 7.20pm. after the BBQ, we proceeded to our next activity, which is to the cinema, to watch “Bedtime Stories”. nearly 40 people from the same group watching together, imagine that. haha..

the movie was great. both funny and interesting. though the plot is too fairytale-ish.

anyway, started the show at 11.30, and ended about 1am. but that wasn’t the end. most of us then went to the bowling alley in the Ehub to bowl. wow, the bowling game was super fun man! haha..

for the first time, i stroke 6 times in game, and Turkey-ed my last shot. whoa, super.

HOWEVER, because of my inconsistency in the first 5 shots, i only managed 134, 8 points short of my 26th Dec score. and then i got a meagre 98 points for my second game.. complacency must have crept in. haha..

ended the bowling session only at 3am.

we all then went back to the chalet, and after bathing, many slept. i didnt sleep yet, and at abt 5.30am, some of us went to the beach with the intention of watching the sunrise. haha.. in the end, we settled down around a BBQ pit and simply chat and stuff.

went back to the chalet at abt 6.30am and tt was when many of us KO-ed, including me. haha..

081230 Church Chalet

081230 Church Chalet

081230 Church Chalet

081230 Church Chalet

above: photos taken at 7am by me

waking at abt 9++, we all checked out at 10am.

8 crazy people, consisting me, Ben, Samuel, Shu Qi, Han En, Han Xin, Naomi and SiMin proceeded to the KBox, singing until 2pm, before going to the arcade. haha.. Ben managed to attract crowds when he played that cool “JuBeat” game, and we played very well.

after so much fun and joy, we finally separated at abt 3pm and all went home.

the perfect way to spend your holidays 🙂


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