081224 – 081225 What a Christmas!

how fun..

Went for Christmas caroling with my church at 5 yesterday, and the activities only ended at 5 for me today. haha..

Did many many things. haha..

i reached church at about 5.20 for caroling, and at that time everybody were busy practicing the carol songs. finally set off at abt 6+ a little, and went to 9 houses altogether, from 6.30pm to 1am give or take. it was supposed to be 11, but due to time constraint, 2 houses decided to to cancel the carol team’s visit.

during the caroling, we were split into 2 groups – me being in shuqi’s grp, and we had lots of fun. also, i had to reside my musical’s script at the children’s tuition centre without being notified earlier. haha.. but i managed to pull it off unscathed. lol..

after all carolings were completed, we made our way back to church, where we began our overnight activity! which was a movie marathon (not really one, though. only 2 movies. lol)

watched The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, followed by Fred Claus.

went out of the subhall to join in Ze Lin’s storytelling in between Prince Caspian.. and there he gave examples of numerical 成语. haha..

by the time the first movie ended, it was alr 4+. and Fred Claus ended at abt 6.30am. then after knowing nuts what to do next, many of us, including Shu Qi, Shu Ting, Yi Yong, Joel, Han Xin, Ben, etc etc etc sat down in a circle throwing tt PVC globe at each other, while some choosing to simply tap it away. haha.. played for nearly an hour, my goodness. can really tell we were super bored.

then some fo us went on to play that ‘pepsi cola’ game – where we had to avoid being touched with the feet by the opponents by leaping around – before finally ending the game after feeling sian-ed. lol.

after thinking what to do next, Ben Lim came up with the idea of playing the guitar while singing Christmas carols in full blasted volume to wake the people who were sleeping. haha..

first victim – Samuel. haha.. even though he was awake, he still refused to get up. second set of victims – Jing Hui & Li Yun. accodinging to them, they got shocked by the thunderous Feliz Navidad. haha..

after much consideration, Samuel, Ben, Chengxin, Nicholas, Jing Hui, Li Yun, Han En and me decided to catch the movie “Australia” at 11.45am in Plaza Singapura. the GV there weren’t even open when we reached there at about 9am. haha.. so we all proceeded to MacDonald’s/KFC for breakfast. and Ben, who went home first, joined us there.

so we finally got into the theatre and watched the 3 hours flick. the beginning 1.5hrs was really boring.. they used nearly 2 hours introducing the characters in too much details. and i fell asleep only once – which was amazing! – during the show, which happened within the first hour.

to be fair, the final hour of the show – which was the actual storyline. my goodness. – was pretty good.

after the show, all of us separated while sam, nic, ben and me went to eat our lunch at Dhoby Gaut. with that, we ended our amazing Christmas Day’s activity.



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