081223 Sentosa Outing & Christmas Caroling


went out to sentosa with many people yesterday, and it was very fun..

woke up at 7.38am, and it was the earliest time i wake up for a month. haha.. then reached harbourfront at about 9.13am, to meet the rest of the people. met Enz, Lijuan, Glen and Simin before proceeding to the Cold Storage to get food for the course of the activity. Sihao and Chengyi later joined us there.

then we went to Mac to take breakfast, where we all found out that Serene and her mum had alr made their way to Siloso Beach. haha.. soon after that, at abt 10.30, we boarded the skytrain and finally reached the siloso beach, where we met Serene and her mum. Calvin, Kaiqi, Vivian and Felicia soon joined us.

played lots of stuff there, including swimming in the sea, volleyball, frisbee, “Blocking” and many many more.

the weather was pretty erratic, but thank God the rains only took place for very short whiles. it was blazing hot one moment, and raining the other. but afterall, we still had fun and most of us got tanned skin. haha..

after Serene and her mum left at abt 2, we were joined by Kailin and Weilin.

Enz, Chengyi, Sihao soon got me along to swim in the sea. and the 3 of them actually swam to an island across the beach (the isalnd was pretty close to the main shore). and the water was pretty cold, especially after being under the hot sun for so long.

we then got Glen into the water, by carrying him and releasing him only at the sea. he then made a trip to the island together with the previous 3. i stayed on the main beach. haha..

after running like crazy while playing “Ice & Water”, Kaiqi, Calvin and me ended the day’s activity early due to the Christmas caroling at the Chinese workers’ hostel at 8pm before proceeding to take a shower.

Playing Volleyball

Playing Volleyball



Christmas caroling

went over to church after dinner at Vivo and then had the awesome Christmas caroling for the foreign workers from China at their various hostel. it was great (;

this Christmas caroling is a very special one because we actually entered the places where the Chinese workers leave in to sing Christmas carols for them, and almost all of them had never heard of Jesus Christ before. tts why it was truely a courageous breakthrough for our church.

abt 30 plus or minus people got divided into 3 groups, and proceeding to different spots in geylang to sing Christmas carols. the amazing thing for me was to actually step in and take a look at the hostels thoese workers actually live in. and i can say it’s definitely not some place which we fortunate people who lives in flats/apartments/bungalow/whatever houses would ever imagine us staying in. and this has certainly get me to understand them better. i don’t say this because it sounds nice, rather, it’s because i really mean it.

so my tuesday was not only fun and wonderful, it was also amazingly meaningful too.

Glory to the Lord once again,
for making such an amazing caroling event come true, and leading it to a wonderful ending.

hope there can be such Christmas caroling again next year 🙂


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