081222 Christmas Caroling ★ Kallang Neighbourhood

if you don’t know, my church is actually located in geylang.
not a very ideal location many would think. but our church beg to differ. cos such places are the ones that truely need God’s light to shine and glow.

so for the first time, we had a Christmas caroling around the neighbourhood.

from blocks to blocks, from doors to doors, we sang Christmas carols and at the same time, gave small gifts to the residents. it was my first time doing it, and was really an enjoyable and memorable experience.

the participants first got divided into 2 groups, where the groups would then proceed to different but close areas around the neighbourhood to sing Christmad carols.

the joy of seeing the members of public so welcoming was truely heartwarming. and some even enthusiastically joined us in singing the songs! Kaiqi’s facebook has a couple of pictures taken during the Christmas carol(:

then at abt 8.30, the 2 groups met again and proceeded on to the shop houses and coffee shops. we made a final round on the heart of the blocks where we began our Christmas caroling, before heading back to church.

we sang Christmas carols on the way back, passing the hundreds of people who were in various coffee shops, before singing a finale at the doorstep of our church. wow, amazing (:

we all then had an evaluation where we shared many stuff and experience we got during the course of the activity. and i was touched by some of the sharings.. by the fact that the level of reality of people needing God is so so high..

anyway, after the caroling, some of us stayed behind to have supper, and enjoyed a wonderful time with each other.. Thanks Lord for making this successful (:

Glory to the Lord 🙂


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