081221 MP3 Musical ★ S’pore Bible College

wow, the musical finished in such a fashion.

started the official preparation middle of november, after my ‘O’s. had quite a number of rehearsals altogether, and finally putting the play onto the SBC stage on sunday.

had a full-dress rehearsal, also the final one, on saturday, before proceeding to a steamboat dinner st bugis together with my fellow kaiqi’s cell members, mavis’, sam’s and ruth’s cell. and had a very fun night(:

oh, back to the sunday’s topic.

woke up at 11+ for the first time on sunday, and then set off to SBC on yiyong’s dad’s van. upon reaching the destination, all the acting crew proceeded for make-up. oh my goodness, i detest make-up! it was quite fun during the time of waiting in the make-up room though, playing with the soldiers si hui and yiyong’s swords. haha..

after that, we went to the main hall for a while, before going down to the first level to have our dinner.

at about 7.30, the service finally started!

but! a problem surfaced. my mic started to not function. oh dear oh dear.
but got another mic to replaced the faulty one. though the replacement mic was much more bulky than the original one.

so the play went on, certainly very smoothly. and my loud entrance became the talk of the day. haha.. well, tt was what i intended.. haha..

my first line wasn’t projected out, apparently due to some techinal problems. i thought the mic failed me again, so i decided to simply speak louder (thinking the mic wasn’t working). that was why my 2nd line turned out so loud.. haha.. and it was funny as well, considering what the lines were.

me: 马利亚! (very loudly) [ Mary!]
mary (sihan): -was genuinely shocked, by the sudden loudness-
me: 不要怕。。 [Don’t be scared]

oh, and i recorded the stellar  “Mary Did You Know” solo by shuqi. what a hair rising performance. will post it when i’m not as lazy as now..lol. i really like that song very much. very beautiful.

credit to the entire backstage crew, the acting cast, the management team, the musicians, the choir and of course we all have to give thanks to the main character, our Lord Jesus Christ 🙂 it was really a very memorable, and an absolutely fun experience..

Glory to the Lord once again 🙂


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