081216 Ice Skating ★ Kallang Rink

had a fun day out at the ice skating rink last afternoon
with Glenda, Kelly and Mengxin.

i was actually supposed meet them at Kallang MRT station at 3.30pm, but as usual, i was still at home at 3.30pm.
after looking for the bus and all those stuff,
i fianlly made it to the skating arena at 5! haha.. tt’s 1 and a half hours late..

walking towards the seats, i saw mengxin waving to me and glenda behind her pointing to the shoes counter. so i went to get my skating shoes and gloves (argh, wasted my 2bucks. didn’t noe i needed a pair of gloves).

“Oh dear, i don’t know how to skate, man” i though to myself. seeing all 3 of them skating smoothly made me even more stressed. afterall, it was my FIRST time skating (really, i’m serious), and i absolutely had no idea how i was gonna step into the rink all by myself.

making minute steps from the entrance all the way to 3 of my friends, i asked mengxin, another first-time skater, how she managed to skate so smoothly considering its her first time. so for the next few minutes, i practically “walked on ice”, instead of skating.. haha..

after abt 10 mins, i finally skated (though not very smoothly)! haha..

and then i made my 1st fall. i fell straight on my butt and it hurt!
altogether, i fell abt 5-6 times. and i think its a reasonably okay record for myself, considering the number of times i skated. lol.

but things did go ‘smoothly’ (skating smoothly and the activity going smoothly) afterwards,
and even start to skate a little faster than kelly! haha..

now, i have quite a number of blisters on my feet and ankle, and i certainly didn’t expect skating to be ‘painful’ at all. haha.. and the skating shoes turned the base of my pale green socks black, ewww.

stopped skating at abt 4.20pm, and went to subway looking for mengxin, who went over to subway first, while waiting for me.

it was the first time visiting Kallang Leisure Park and i think the mall is a little too empty. not only many shops are closed, the number of people there are surprisingly meagre. considering its december.

however, i’ve got to say the mall would be a perfect chill out place for hang outs with friends, where there’s Subway, Coffee Bean, Starbucks, etc there. and most importantly, its a quiet and condusive place for studying, etc, where crowds are invisible.

a chat on the bus reminded me this thing abt the National Stadium, when exactly will it be demolished? haha..


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