081213 Class Gathering ★ Ms Thong’s house

a very fulfilling and fun saturday.
had musical rehearsal in the morning and then class gathering at night.

should have my piano lesson in the morning,
but oops,
i overslept (due to the fatigue sustained frm the camp). so i had to change the date of my lesson.

started my journey frm church at abt 5.45 – 6,
and then reached buangkok 10 mins before 7. i met kelly upon exiting the train cabin but proceeded on to ms thong’s house (ms thong’s my class form t’cer) first since she’s meeting with jane.

upon reaching her house, every were seating down rather quietly, watching “indiana jones” on dvd. wat a boring show. the food were on the table, but surprisingly not many were eating. so i settled down, placed the stuff i brought on the dining table (also a pool table), and started eating.

after tt, somebody suggested we should play pool. so we did. lol.

the table was super cool. there were the 2 stylish wooden planks placed topping the pool table, also acting as the dining table. so we carried the ‘cover’ off and played pool.

me and joel went on first, and although i finished all my ‘full-coloured balls’, and joel having 3 more of his ‘striped balls’ to go, i lost the game bcos i slotted my white ball in after slicing my last black ball. boo

i went on to play 3 more matches, which were all ‘double’, and won 2 out of 4 games played. lol.

watched the magic trick challenge on channel u’s 综艺大哥大 with many of the guys and discussed how those challengers did their tricks. lol. then after tt show ended, the channel was switched to channel 5’s “Miss World”, where many (including the girls) watched with much anticipation (waiting to see how far can the s’pore’s rep reach). haha.. how ‘supportive’.

and of course met ms thong’s husband, mr ang. lol.

left the place only at abt 11.40.
took cab home with mingxuan, yiliang and joel, after i suggested to walk home instead of bus/car/cab. lol. it would be crazy to walk home to tampines frm buangkok. haha..

definitely had a fun day


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