Meaningful December

i’ve been quite busy lately,
with so so many activities coming up in december..

this is a far cry compared to my wasteful november.

this month alone, there’s
my church’s children camp (which i’m in the midst of it right now) from 9nov to 12nov,
my church’s Christmas musical rehearsals and preparations,
my class’ gathering on this coming sat,
my choir’s BBQ night,
and many many more miscelleneous activities.

my packed schedule means tt i will definitely have fewer posts in dec than in nov (where i can even post 4 posts a day).

though it may seem unfortunate to have such event-filled december, i feel rather glad abt it.
this busy december makes me feel useful and of course reduce my solitary time doing nothing.

for the past years, my december has been filled with events, such as Christmas carollings, school camp preparations, etc etc etc.
so i’m glad this yr’s december won’t feel so different and strange.

those events certainly made my december meaningful (:


One thought on “Meaningful December

  1. HEYA! hahaha,yup! i agree to your entry entirely.Yea,it would feel kinda weird initially without the usual activities buzzing around you,keeping you so preoccupied with stuffs,haha.But yea,over time,you’ll enjoy and miss the free time you’ll have man! LOL.

    Yep! hope your hols would be a meaningful one and recharge well before a new school year begins yea?

    Take care,

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