081202 East Coast Park

Had an outing on tuesday with many churchmates, which include Si Hao, Chengxin, Calvin, Nicholas, Glen, Lijuan, etc etc etc.

Reached there at abt 11.30am and started the day there with cycling. Cycling is fun, especially with friends. Haha.. Anyway, after cycling for 2 hours give or take, we found a pavillion and settled down there.

Some played beach volleyball, some learnt skating with skating veteran Chengxin. While i cycled Glen’s bike to and fro from the pavillion to the skate rental stall to pick up first-time skaters (yes, pick ups. they hold on to my bicycle while i cycle, making their skating easier).

Played the classic monkey game followed by beach volleyball. the beach volleyball game was hilarious. all clueless players except for glen, we any-o-how played the game, altering rules and all those stuff. haha..

Thank God it only rained when most of us had finished with our activities.

While it rained, chengxin, han en, jasmine and me went to get drinks for the ppl, since most of us had ran of water by then. the rain was so heavy it didn’t quite make any major difference having an umbrella. lol.

played some game after coming from the drink stall, while waiting for the rain to subside (which didn’t happen even after we left)

by 6pm, ppl leave one by one. so did me, at abt 6.45pm.

a tiring but fun day nevertheless.


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