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SO far this year both Heath Ledger’s Joker and Javier Bardem’s hitman Anton Chigurh have been hailed as the scariest movie psychos of all time.

But the truth is they are not even the most frightening characters you will see this year – that dishonour goes to prostitute-hating fiend Young-min in this harrowing South Korean thriller.

Unlike the Joker and Chigurh, Young-min is totally unappealing – an inadequate, blank young man played with an authentic lack of charm by Jung-woo Ha. That is what a real serial killer is like.

The man chasing him is also deeply flawed. Ex-cop Joong-ho is a pimp whose girls keep going missing. He only wants to get the latest victim, Mi-jin, back because she is his best hooker.

Hard-boiled Joong-ho wins you over though, because he is impervious to the heat of the increasingly frantic, nerve-jangling pursuit, with young mum Mi-jin’s fate in his hands.

In between moments of chisel-hacking horror there is some impressively dark humour and top-notch acting. But be warned – emotionally this movie will reach deep into the pit of your stomach and wriggle your guts about before wrenching them out.

Catch it now before it is ruined by a planned Hollywood remake.
Taken from : “The Sun”

Watch it:
here and here

My thoughts after watching this

i’m still trying my very hard to recover from the after-effects of this film.
shocked and in total disbelief,
i should have regarded the warning “The Sun” gave – “be warned – emotionally this movie will reach deep into the pit of your stomach and wriggle your guts about before wrenching them out”.

after i recover frm this,
i guess not much thrillers will appeal to me anymore.

this film literally took my breath away. from the very start to the very end.

no breaks for any breather in btwn, no pauses of action.
and of course no nonsense.

the show starts immediately with action and suspense. and that suspense not only carried on for the remaining 123mins, it also increased. mind you, the increase is really heart-stopping and breathtaking.

oh my oh my goodness gracious.
how can such a plot and ending ever exist?
the twists are no longer twists. they’re completely transformation.

when you think the show is ending,
POP! it hasn’t, and a severe twist took place.

when you think the ending is sure to be like that – judging from your instinct and the time left,
POP! you’re wrong again, and this time an even greater twist took place.

violence and gore and unneeded religious reference aside – due to its M18 rating,
the casts’ actings were completely unbelievable. too great to even speak abt it. really. and even though thrillers are known to have ever-twisting plots and endings, this show certainly has both plot and ending completely out of anybody’s imagination.

the show showed the corrupted and useless side of the korean police force, as seen from the way they deal with cases. i like the way the serial killer, young-min, tried several tactics to stall time in order to be released – if evidence is insufficient agnst a suspect, he/she will be released in 24hours.

he did get released, but this time jong-ho decided to take things into his own hands.

i like the scene when jong-ho tore the wallpaper of young-min’s former shelter and discovered _____ on the actual concrete walls. tt scene was breathtaking.

after young-min got released, jong-ho had to find the former’s house before he gets back – in order to find mi-jin, in a few minutes. there, another twist took its toll on me and left me in complete shock.

the show keeps my hair standing and me clutching my head in despair thorughout.

this show should be retitled as “So Close Yet So Far”. watch it and you’ll understand why.

not exaggerating, i rate this show 9.5/10.
why not full score?
bcos i felt the immense tension, suspense and insane but very realistic storyline are a little too much even for such a thriller & horror lover like me.

so be warned.
if you had never attempted horror, or you have weak heart, heart attacks or anything that sort,
it will reach deep into the pit of your stomach and wriggle your guts about before wrenching them out.


frankly honestly really, this thriller’s the best thriller out of those dozens of thrillers i’ve watched.
i think i can even count it under my “best horrific movie” category.

Watch it:
here and here

The UK’s version of the show’s trailer.

The real korean trailer (OOH, SO MUCH NICER)

Read Popseoul’s review here.


3 thoughts on “Movie Review ★ The Chaser

  1. You made th movie sound so great… But after reading yr review i still don understand. Is it a horror film? Or a thriller? Or a horror thriller? Is it available in S’pore? LOL.

    Btw, you change template for what? The X’mas one nice what,..

  2. horror thriller i would say. haha. that one has some sidebar problems, i will have to solve it before i switch.

    oh, btw. the movie was released in s’pore in 25th sept. not much publicity here.

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