Mobile Dilemma

Have been wondering which phone to switch to for nearly 2 months..
Oh dear.. and still cannot decide.
I’ve scouted phones like Samsung Pixon, Samsung Omnia SGH and LG Renoir KC910, etc.


I know people would say, “Of course get Samsung la! Samsung’s so much better than LG.”
But to me, LG Renoir’s Dolby Mobile is super attractive.

And is sure a multi-media powerhouse.
But still, as many would say, LG is known for its not-that-good quality phones.


On the other hand,
Omnia is a all-rounder top notch phone and is the reviewers’ favourite. It’s sleek and sophisticated design is super attractive.

Come to think abt the Omnia’s functions, maybe the phone has a little too much functions which i doubt i will use..


Pixon looks rather bulky while it’s functions are rather similar to LG Renoir. It’s reviews are awesome too.


I’ve got to put the costs into consideration too – i’m not that loaded afterall


should i go for the design,
or should i go for the functions i want,
or should i go for the value for money?

argh, still thinking.


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