081126 Arsenal 1-0 Dynamo Kiev ★ UEFA Champions League


End of Match, 1-0.

Not the most convincing victory, but an important one nonetheless.
Gunners’ only 2nd victory this month guarantees Arsenal’s spot in the next round of the UEFA Champions League.

Not to be carried away, I have to admit Arsenal had the Lady Luck on their side.
Playing so poorly and nearly conceded half a dozen of goals, substitute Niklas Bendtner – who previously didn’t attempt to slit the ball into an open goal – smash a curled ball pass the Kiev’s goalie, and put the scoreline beyond any reasonable doubt.

That was all thanks to the Fabregas’ quick freekick (used to be the trademark of Henry, taking freekicks before anyone knew the freekick was allowed to be taken alr) that sent the ball all the way from the Arsenal’s half to the on-rushing Bendy. Before the latter smashed the net.

Unfortunate Kiev 

If you think hitting the posts and losing to a lacklustre side was bad enough, you are wrong. They had a referee who tried to delay their goalwards goalkick by blocking the ball.

However to be fair, they had a fair share of luck. Especially when Gallas blocked away van Persie’s clear shot on goal (the keeper was stunned, the ball was flying into the bottom corner. was definitely going into the net) and when Bendy refused to slide in the ball to plant a well constructed cross by van Persie into the net.

The new and old Captains

Gallas was apparently still trying to get over the incident, as shown in his not-at-all motivated play and his reluctance in running. Nevertheless, he did not play badly and has to be creditted for making a couple of crucial tackles.

A victory for Fab the Cap to start with. Not a bad sign.

Fab the Cap

Fab the Cap


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