Fab the Cap

After so much controversy and drama, Arsene Wenger finally ended all speculation by naming 21 years-old Francesc Fabregas as the new skipper of the already-young team, after sacking loose-lip William Gallas.

Personal Opinion

Fabregas will be a good captain, but not just yet.

Wenger is apparently trying to get back the support frm the Arsenal fans, after losing support for appointing Gallas as the captain before the start of last season. Also, this appointment would definitely keep Fabby in the Arsenal kit for at least another season, rather than considering any move away.

Though i’m a huge fan of Fabby and supports him, i feel this decision made by Wenger is not the wisest one. Keeping Toure (the 1 of 2 player from the first-team of the Invincible Arsenal during the 03/04 season) as the assitant captain is not another wise decision.

Toure the ideal captain for me

For me, 27 yr-old Toure is surely the ideal choice for the captaincy. Fabby will then become his assistant while learning more leadership attributes from the former.

Fabby is still very young, and having captaining zero times in Arsenal, it is a very very tall order to now ask him to captain the entire team, including Gallas. Imagine Fabby trying to keep Gallas under control. This will affect Fabby’s young ambitions and his on-pitch performances.

Joint-captaincy with Toure is not a bad idea, putting Toure’s outstanding leadership qualities and experiences into consideration. But putting Fabby in control of the ambitious team may also be too much for Fabby to take.

Whatever it is, i hope Wenger and Fabby proves me wrong.

Instant challenge for Fabregas to face

The major problem now is definitely to keep Gallas under control and ensure that he plays at least his 50% every match, or i could see Arsenal falling behind on the league table even further.

Just 2 days into his new gigantic role in the team, he will lead Arsenal onto the pitch in a certainly emotional match against Dynamo Kiev tmr morning 3am. And Gallas will be playing.

Older team-mates, such as RVP, Silvestre, Toure, Gallas, etc, may deem Fabby as a lightweight and Fabby will not be able to stamp his full authorityin the team.

I’m certainly excited and a little nervous of how the team will come out during the match – especially Gallas. Hopes he will be mature enough to take the reality of a man 10years younger than him leading a vast experienced player like him.

Anyway, i wish all the best for the new Arsenal.


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