081114 DMN Prom Night 2008 ★ Suntec Convention Ballroom



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Finally i’m not that lazy to blog abt the prom night.
let me make my post as simple as possible..

our Prom started at
met up with yinghong (TYH), zibin and jinghan to have haircuts.
after quite a long wait, TYH and jinghan finally appeared. this’ really very surprising bcos normally i’ll be the one coming late. haha..

anyway, after having our hair done (mine wasnt really, tt hairstylist styled horribly. really very horrible),
i went home first to get prepared for the prom at 7.30pm.

before going home, i decided to restyle my hair and so i bought a bottle of hairspray.
upon reaching home,
i tested my red shirt (since the theme of the prom is “Pop Star Go Red”) and my black shirt and decided on the black in the end – which turned out ok! haha.

after bathing, styling, dressing and everything, i set off for suntec with high level of anticipation.
started waiting for the bus from 6.35pm..
wait and wait and wait..

getting impatient, i finally caught sight of the bus at about

boarding 518 from tampines, my long long bus journey had began.

approaching the commence of the prom, i got anxious.
i was thinking whats taking the bus so long
and started to wonder if i missed my stop (i felt asleep in the middle of the bus ride).

by then, i was almost certain that i missed my stop.

approaching the doorway and ready to alight, i heard ..
my name.

i looked back.
and saw nithish, khairul, etc.

oh thank goodness, at least now i know i’m not ‘lost’. haha

after much anticipation and long waiting,

wow, it was a really long ride.
after looking for the ballroom,
i finally made it there.

after mrs neo arrived, the prom officially started.

8.30pm onwards
we had dinner, which was very filling.
and came the round 1 lucky draw.

my number “1191” got called up and it took me a few seconds to realised it was my number.
striding towards the stage,
i took a step up and approached estee who was holding the draws in a bowl.

slowly moving my hand among the draws,
i picked one up and passed it to the emcee.

“you know what,” the emcee said after turning to the audiences.
“he won the last prize”.

after hearing estee saying “oh my God” right after i picked my lot, i expected my prize to be something very good. and i got it right. lol.

“the opposite. ladies and gentlemen, he won the first prize!”
happily i took my prize and strolled back to my seat.

after this,
the prom king&queen nomination began.

with ms yeo with us at the same table, there is no way we will pay attention to the emcee.
playing with helium balloons with joel chin,
they started to breathe in helium gas and spoke in squeaky voices while i recorded it (will upload when i’m not as lazy as i am right now). it was a very funny and interesting exprience.

prom king&queen titles were then won by bryan freeman and shannon (both frm 4B) respectively.

and finally, the last segment came.
the free dancing and photoshoot time!
the following photos will narrate the time during the phototime. lol.

oh finally finished my post. hardly wrote anything this long. haha..


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