went out with classmates today,
and planned to go around the town to look for younha’s “Someday” album.

first, i reached the somerset’s HMV to look for it.
not under new release, okay nvm, shall go check the korean artiste shelves.
also not there! goodness.
the only album there was her 1st ever album, which is in japanese, “Go!”, which cost a stunning S$72!
gdness gracious..

okay nvm, there’s still suntec’s HMV.
unexpectedly (yes, i expected to find it in suntec), same thing happened there.
no “Someday”, only a 72bucks “Go!”

after nearly 2 hours of search, 还是前功尽弃。。
went to century sq’s “sembawang” (yes i noe it’s no longer there, read on first), and realised it’s now “sea horse” (this goes to show how long ago since i went to these places).



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