071117 Younha on STAR GOLDEN BELL

though a year old, i find this vid very funny. in this ep:

Kim Jedong, the MC, asked Younha to demonstrate her vocal range

Then, Kim Tae Hyun said that he liked Younha’s “비밀 번호 486″ (Secret Code 486) song so much that he made his own version “비만 번호 486” (Obesity Number 486), before singing it to Kim Shin Young (the fat girl sitting behind him).

Finally, Younha sang trot singer Park Hyun Bin’s 곤드레 만드레 (Gondre Mandre) song without the oily feeling he gives off, before Park Hyun Bin sang Younha’s his song ”Secret Code 486” song with his trademark oily voice

Translation of “Obesity Number 486” (Original lyrics of Secret Code 486):

Give me rice 4 times a day (Express you love to me 4 times a day),
I eat 8 meals a day (Make me laugh 8 times a day),
Give me snacks 6 times a day (Kiss me 6 times a day),

It’s the only secret number to getting fat (It’s the only secret number to my heart)


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