Hello Beautiful People(:

Ah, here’s my new blogging site,
and will see if i can adapt to this entirely different place.

So far from what i observed, wordpress is somewhat less interactive in some aspects but better equipped than other blogsites.

Less Interactive?

    less interactive in the sense that videos, audios uploaded on the blog is quite restricted. what i mean is, for videos, only google and youtube videos work. videos from other video streaming sites are not allowed.
    I spent quite a long time trying to get my imeem music up onto the blog, but later realised i have to use that blue widgets on the sidebar to upload my music. and i cannot ‘autoplay’ =(

How about being better equipped?

    ah, however, looking on the side, wordpress is rather impressive in terms of blogging quality. users have better controls over their posts ( eg. keeping specific posts private, create muliple pages for blogging – the one at the top, etc.).
    these features are truly hard to be found in other blogsites.
    though the taskbar doesn’t allow font changing, there are plenty of interesting features to neutralise the scant.
moving on,
the reason of my blog name..

why hellobeautifulday?

    being a younha fanatic, i wanted to name my blog after one of her songs. so i went for my favourite of all favourites ”At First Sight”. BUT, it wasn’t available. so i decided to go for her self-written “Just Today”. it’s a rather sorrow piece but a very very nice (of course, lol) and soothing song nontetheless.
    however, i thought having “justtoday” as a blog name isn’t that nice sounding. so i decided upon this lively song, “Hello Beautiful Day”, which you all can listen (scroll up to that blue music box and click no.5). also in tt box is her two songs from her latest album, “Someday”.

those pieces are really nice. i wanted to upload more, but looking at the rate the uploading went, i decided not. lol.


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