Sound of Rain Pattering was REAL!

a song ”came to life”..

i was listening to Epik High’s ‘우산 (Usan) Umbrella [feat. Younha]‘ when it suddenly rained while listening to the song.

well, it may sound nothing special, but if you listened to the song, pattering of rain made up the background sound effect throughout the song, and the song is somewhat related to rain and umbrella (duh). so i was very surprise to hear pattering of rain even after the song ended, by then i realised it was also raining outside.

to me, the sensation was great. it felt as though the song i like very much has come to life.
what a coincidence, or is it?

listen to the song. it’s fantastic. whenever there are epik high and younha, there will be brilliant music.

thumbs up! (:


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