080910 Younha & Kim Dong Wan KJE’s CHOCOLATE

During the recording, Kim Dong Wan and Younha performed a song together to couples who were going to get married soon in the segment aptly called “just married”. They reprised the duet song of “Something Stupid” which was performed by Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman in 2002 and showed perfect chemistry, winning the applause from the couples and audience.

The conversion part was about Making a comeback with her 2nd album, Younha talked about her special connection to Kim Dongwan. Both appearing on SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate, they talked about their encounter as radio DJ and listener.

Kim Dongwan was hosting MBC Radio’s Ten Ten Club back in 2002, and Younha – who had yet to make her debut then, sent in a letter to congratulate her seniors on their graduation. Incidentally, Kim Dongwan picked out the letter and read it.Younha said, “I was a faithful listener of Ten Ten Club, and I still recorded on tape the moment he read out my letter.” Kim Dongwan was surprised at her revelation, and continued to share more experiences from his stint as a radio DJ.

Younha also said, “I really love listening to Kim Dong Wan radio show “Ten Ten Club” when I was a student. My dedication letter was once read out online by him.” Dong Wan replied back, “As a young friend, I’m really envious of the fact she can already embark on an exciting solo career already”. He also revealed that Younha will appear as a guest at his solo concert later this month.


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